Русско-английский научно-технический словарь

а также

см. тж. вместе с; как и; так же, как и

• This detector is highly selective as well as sensitive.

• Absorption bands arise in the ultraviolet as well as in the visible portion of the spectrum when ...

• Ethanol and sulphuric acid always react to yield a mixture of ethylene, ethyl hydrogen sulphate, and diethyl ether, along with a few minor by-products.

• Cadmium-coated articles should not be used in contact with food, nor should cadmium-plated articles be welded or used in ovens.

• Aluminium hydroxide can react with a strong base as well as with acids (or and also with acids, or and with acids too).

• This fact combined (or coupled, or together) with the absence of ... led to some confusion.

• The collenchyma cell wall is composed of cellulose and pectic compounds plus a very high proportion of water.

• These are chiefly nickel and arsenic, together with smaller amounts of other elements. — ответы на сканворды
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